Oh, hello there!

I'm Mark, and while I enjoy all the professional things, I try not to take life all that seriously either!

For a very long time I did very different things to what I do now, travelling the world playing with radios and getting in car chases, even using a barbed wire fence to talk to the UK from somewhere in Malaysia when I couldn't outrun a flash flood.  Then, basically because I hadn't seen my parents for years, I ended up in rural Yorkshire working in IT. 

Turned out I was pretty good at it, so I got to write some code (.NET mostly, since you're wondering) and then manage some clever people who did clever things in a debt charity, before travelling the world again with a mobile phone thing that masqueraded as a suitcase.  Exciting times!  After much fun with the Transportation Security Administration in the US, I headed up to Geordie town to manage projects.  Well, to the coastal bit of it - Whitley Bay.

Well, ahoy there!

Here, at the coast I encountered the most unmanageable project - Emily, my dearly beloved fiancé (You Make Me Design).  Over an earnest (drunken) conversation in Amsterdam we decided to buy a laser cutter with no experience of them at all, and set about building a business.  Together with our big pooch (Buddy, and before him BooBoo), we design and make gifts and goodies.  Mine have joy at their heart, Emily's have vintage-inspired passion (and are also joyful).

But let me tell you what I want, what I really, really want.  To work with people and solve problems.  I've built a six foot cakepop holder (much harder than a cupcake holder, who knew?), an airborne looking Glider cake topper, and a 3D rat army for a devoted couple.  Did you know rats are trained to sniff out landmines?  The most satisfying problem I've solved at BBnT?  Working out how to improve the Chinese to English translations on our laser software, among other things replacing 'soft dog not seen' with an accurate reference to the USB licensing dongle.  Some mysteries really shouldn't stay mysteries!

Collaborating to make your ideas happen is my very favourite bit of the work I do -  so do get in touch!