Hey there!  I'm Mark, and never mind how I've sometimes felt, I'm not alien.  In fact I'd go so far as to say I'm a pretty good human being - or at least I'm trying to be.

For a very long time I did very different things to what I do now, travelling the world playing with radios and even using a barbed wire fence to talk to the UK from somewhere in Malaysia.  Then, basically because I hadn't seen my parents for years, I ended up in rural Yorkshire working in IT, before travelling the world again (well, at least to the States quite a lot) with a mobile phone thing that masqueraded as a suitcase.  Exciting times!

My breakdown...

Then, in 2013, I had a breakdown.  Personally and professionally I really hit the buffers.  

BooBoo and Ted is what's risen from the ashes and it's here to make me smile, and more importantly to make you smile.  I battled depression for years without diagnosis and I'm a bourbon cream motivated vegan.  I've been an ultra-runner and I will be again.  I've seen the sun set on beautiful African coasts and now I enjoy watching the sun rise here on the (wee bit colder) North-East coast of England.

...and a happier I.

In a studio with my beloved (You Make Me Design) and our big pooch (Buddy, and before him BooBoo), I design and make gifts and goodies with joy at their heart.  I hope to spread smiles and kindness with all that I do.  If that seems gushy for a bloke, I gotta tell you I also love rainbows and I'm excited about roller skating on the promenade.  I'm happily odd and think all the best people are - I'm also proudly feminist and support any and all that suffer discrimination.

Last, but absolutely not least, BooBoo and Ted is proud to support the work of The Blurt Foundation, a UK charity giving a listening ear and a knowing nod to those also battling depression.