Guinea Pig Stamper


Guinea Pig Stamper

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Such a cute way to pop your name on paper, or mebbe a phrase that makes you happy!  Or if you don't want to personalise the stamp, just pop little piggies all over any stationery!

Once you click 'add to cart' you'll be asked to type in what you'd like on the stamper (if personalising) - if you'd like something really looooong then I can stretch the guinea pig a bit to accommodate it, yay!

The rubber is laser engraved, mounted on a nice spongy foam and then mounted on a smooth laser-cut wooden block (that I sand down to avoid splinters in little fingers).  The stamp is then are laser etched into the top of the wooden block so you can see what you're stamping away!

Actual stamp size (excluding wooden block): 42mm x 23mm

ps. The stamp *doesn't* come with an ink pad, so you might have to run to your local hobby store before this arrives...

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